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Life Care

Life Care


Life Care provides the benefit of long-term health care in the future, should you need it. Unless you have experienced trying to find long-term health care for someone, you may not realize that finding a placement when it is needed can be very difficult and expensive. When you reside in a Life Care community, you will never have that worry.  You will not be alone when you are home at Lakeview Terrace.


Life Care provides peace of mind. It empowers you to live independently and enjoy life, without worrying about your future. At Life Care communities such as Lakeview Terrace, caring and compassionate staff are available to ensure your happiness and well-being, and to provide health care, should you need it. You will be cared for by people you know – trained professionals who are familiar with your needs – all while remaining close to loved ones and friends.


Life Care provides a continuum of services to meet your needs - from an occasional visit by a nurse in your home to inpatient skilled nursing care. This continuum allows you to maintain a meaningful quality of life as you age. Instead of having to worry about home maintenance, housekeeping or cooking, you can spend your time enjoying a wide variety of activities.


Life Care helps to protect your financial assets. When you join a community that offers Life Care, you have the assurance that your assets and your income will be protected in the event of a catastrophic illness that might require long-term assisted living or skilled nursing care. And, because you will have already purchased that care with an investment made in today’s dollars, you will realize significant savings. (Long-term health care prices are increasing faster than other prices in general.)


Life Care also offers options and independence for you and your spouse, providing the necessary levels of service that will allow you both to remain independent longer. And, because the health care needs of both spouses are rarely the same over time, the benefit of Life Care enables husbands and wives to remain close, even if one requires a different level of care. Neither of you will have to meet the potential demands of non-stop care for the other. Finally – and maybe most importantly – Life Care means both the husband and wife have the comfort of knowing that the surviving spouse’s care is assured.

Life Care is a positive step to confidence and independence.

This Is Your Life. Live It Well.