Representing over 66 years of experience helping people live fuller lives, Lakeview is proud to have such an informative sales team.

Michelle Connolly

Rita Howorka

Karin Mosher


Kenneth Schultz, CPA

CEO/CFO of Lakeview’s management company, DSI Management

Ken has been overseeing the management and finances of Lakeview Terrace since 1986.

Jim Gillespie

Executive Director

Jim has a wonderful approach, understanding seniors and embracing their knowledge, stemming from over 25 years of experience.

Leslee Stephens

Living Well/Fitness Director

Leslee is well versed in all aspects of wellness. She excites everyone into action while bringing forth many smiles.

Gary West

Nursing Home Administrator

Gary is a licensed Skilled Nursing Home Administrator and has worked in Health Care for over 20 years.


"Our team is ready to greet you with a warm and smiling face, and will make you feel right at home!"