Press Release

From: Dr. Stephen Tibbits

Chairman of the Lakeview Terrace Residents Association Scholarship Committee

The Lakeview Terrace Residents Association Scholarship Committee recently announced the recipients being awarded a scholarship for post secondary education programs. This program has been providing scholarships for many years to employees of LVT as well as to their children.

This year twelve scholarships have been awarded, an increase of 50% over previous years. The total value of this year's scholarships is $10,000 that range in value from $500 to $1,000.

The residents association is comprised of over 260 due paying members residing at LVT and funds for these scholarships come from the residents dues, proceeds from the Warehouse Shop (an on-site thrift store), personal contributions, as well as contributions from the association's general funds.

These scholarships represent an acknowledgement of the esteem LVT residents have for their employees and families and the efforts they provide to enhance the lives of those residents at LVT. It is especially gratifying that with a change in procedure this year over 50% of the recipients are currently enrolled in, or are previous graduates of, Umatilla High School.

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