Heath & Wellness

The purpose of the Lakeview Terrace Living Well Program is to create and implement admirable opportunities for residents to live a longer, healthier, joyful and independent life.

Generally “Wellness” is used to mean a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being.  Lakeview Terrace Living Well Program promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Through the many planned programs offered, which range from physical, intellectual and emotional support, strong personal relationships are built that enhance the richness and enjoyment of a typical day.  Having friends to interact with does enhance functionality and overall wellness and also provides a support safety net.

Health & Wellness

Strong & Steady Fitness Classes
Yoga / Tai Chi
Strength Training Equipment
Cardio Training Equipment
Personal Training

Lakeview Terrace has a Wellness Coordinator who is educated in exercise science with an emphasis on special population. She offers an orientation for the equipment located in the fitness room. Along with personal training sessions to get you safely started on your health journey (custom workout – workout card). All programs are in line with ASCM guidelines (American College of Sport Medicine).

Balance Training (Fall Prevention)
Home Health
Outpatient Rehabilitation
Vial of Health
Aquatic Classes

This class is offered 4 times a week at our brand new Aquatic Center. It is led by a Certified Personal Trainer/Group Exercise Instructor. During this class you will be doing movement and callisthenic exercise in the pool using water resistance to enhance strength flexibility and muscle tone while providing an excellent cardio workout

Health & Wellness Presentations
Medical Guidance Classes
Blood Pressure Clinics
Flu Shots