Reasons Why Current Residents Have Moved to Lakeview Terrace

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“We did not want to be a burden to each other or to our children.”

“I wanted to make my own decision about my future while I was still able.”

“Lakeview Terrace helped me sell my home for a fair price and assisted with all the details of moving.”

“I was tired of the problems and costs of maintaining a home and yard.”

“I did not like being alone.  Now I am among new friends.”

“I was tired of the cooking and housekeeping.”

“We sleep better at night knowing that we’ve protected our children’s inheritance.”

“Knowing that Lakeview Terrace has a 5-Star rated Skilled Nursing Facility was very reassuring for our future.”

“We wanted more independence and this life style offered that.”

“Location, Location, Location – I wanted an affordable community in a peaceful country setting with friendly and welcoming neighbors."

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